Sunday, September 15, 2013

DU Election Results: NaMo Factor Strongly Emerging Across Nation

ABVP, the student faction of RSS in Delhi University, had a clean sweep in recent elections. ABVP grabbed three of the four main seats of President, Vice President (VP), and Joint Secretary (JT) in recent DUSU (Delhi University Students Union) elections 2013. The results were declared on Saturday 14th September 2013 thereby defeating NSUI (National Students Union of India), the student component of Congress Party.

These results clearly show that the clarity that was missing in BJP regarding their leadership, brought in by declaring Narender Modi (NaMo) as their main contender for Prime Ministerial post for National Elections to be held in 2014, has started giving positive results to BJP. There was a long silence probably due to the internal debate happening within BJP-RSS for declaring NaMo's name. But once it is done, it has brought a fresh wave in favor of BJP by bringing these results of DUSU.

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