Saturday, September 28, 2013

Men's Singles: Manmohan Singh Vs Nawaz Sharif In the United States

So It's men's singles today in the United States between Manmohan Singh and Nawaz Sharif. Both players don't see each other eye to eye. Both of them belong to neighboring countries but don't behave as neighbors. As the latter is really 'Sharif' (gentleman) in his character so is former quite straightforward, get going and self driven. Nawaz does not require any backup and moral support from ISI. Similarly Manmohan is not at all dependent on Sonia Gandhi on taking his decisions about welfare of his country.

None of the earlier matches played between these two players have been able to draw out results. All matches have gone drawn with both player's having 0-0 from all the ties so far.

What will Manmohan talk about with Nawaz. Will be it be a straightforward, to the point, crisp talk about no tolerance for any firing on border, terrorism in our country, and any other shameful activities they plan against us; or will it be a gossip over evening tea in one of the best places in New York. 

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