Saturday, September 28, 2013

NOTA In The Country Of Netas

India is a rich country, rich in terms of uncontrolled corruption, unsafe life, child abuse, unprotected women, dying economy and many more areas. All this is because of the public of India. We as public of India, select our state and national candidates in full faith towards them that yes, this is the person who will take my country to new level where there will be enough oxygen, air, space and water for each and every citizen. But these buggers when get elected start filling their body, houses, offices, overseas lockers with all this oxygen, air, water, space etc. at the cost of public and country.

For Elections 2014 Election Commission has come out with a fantastic idea of adding a button "NOTA" (none of the above) in all EVMs (electronic voting machines). The logic is that when you go for voting and find all candidates useless you can click on this button that says "I am voting but did not find any candidate listed here worthy of my vote, and hence I click on None of the Above". On one hand it does a lot but on the other hand it still allows wolves to enter your house and attack on you. That is what these Netas do after getting elected, they start eating my country's flesh, creating lot of wounds on the body of my country everywhere.

How is goes? If a location has say 100 voters with 3 candidates contesting. 99 of the voters if press NOTA and 1 voter clicks on one of the candidates - that candidate is declared as winner. Though this will be a very shameful situation for all the 3 Netas contesting and also insulting that 100% voters rejected 2 candidates and 99% rejected the third one. 

But Neta means a person who doesn't have any self respect, so this insult does not matter to them. 

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