Friday, September 20, 2013

Sattire: Nitish Kumar: NaMo Wave Is Air Through A Blower, Not A Natural Air

Dear Nitish Kumar,

Just read your comments on Narendra Modi. First thing for you to understand is that you are holding charge of a state of India, as Chief Minister of Bihar where a lot is to be done still. Under such circumstances how do you get time to criticize others. Second is that when there are so many days left for elections, you should not start crying so early. As a matter of fact you cannot keep changing diaper of a baby just on the basis of imagining that he has pee-ed in it.

By the way when the whole country is suffocating and sweating, even if the air is through a blower, it is more than welcome. You are telling that NaMo wave is not out of natural air. Now tell me, where is the natural air left in this country? If we talk of your state - are you having some facts with you about how many beedis/ cigarettes are consumed per street in your Bihar? How many bottles of liquor? And then under or over consumption of unhygienic food - all this calls for so much of passage of polluted air from upper and lower exit points. So in a way you must be thankful that you are getting air - even it is from a powerful blower.

It is good to learn that you are feeling the air on your face even when the blower is too far from you right now. Your statement itself proves that you are feeling the heat of the wave and are worried. It is something like a kid sitting in front of a TV starts shouting - "I don't fear from Lion", when a lion appears on screen. But the difference here is that lion is real and you know it well.

One last thing. The person against whom you have commented is far superior than you in many ways. So you should learn about not to show disrespect for senior and brilliant students in the school. There are so many more to crib about, if you really are in mood of criticizing someone and have enough time to do that. Just have a look at the condition of our country and report card of central government.

Just keep a watch when this air converts to storm and blows away all those politicians who can not stand firm on ground or who have become so weightless by losing their integrity and concern for this country and countrymen. 

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