Sunday, November 10, 2013

Why Rahul Could See Mayawati But Not The Dying People In Seemandhra

One thing is sure that the aspirant Prime Ministerial candidates and the existing central ruling Congress government under the front and back control by Manmohan Singh and Sonia Gandhi respectively are not at all concerned with the bleeding issues of India and dying humanity in terms of the last few days riots, losses and deaths in Seemandhra due to division of Andhra Pradesh by the government in wake of coming elections next year.

Even if some foolish decision has been taken for some greedy mission, it is always better to move back if the losses being incurred are higher than the gains being anticipated. But that is possible only for the
people with HEART. Here it is all dirty game and nobody is bothered about such things. More so, Rahul Gandhi is more concerned with Mayawati telling her that since she has become chief of her party, no new Dalit leader has been given a chance.

Now can Rahul Gandhi tell how many youth leaders have been groomed to replace Sonia Gandhi or Manmohan Singh except the one name of Rahul Gandhi and the same old men waiting with their mouth open and tongue rolled out with eyes set on the seat

Karan Thapar: Please Stop Lousy Articles On HT Every Sunday

In one of his October posts on Sunday edition of Hindustan Times, Karan Thapar wrote of neglecting both Narendra Modi and Rahul Gandhi as PMs based on some baseless opinion. Every other Sunday his solo article being published in HT carries not much of significance in any sense these days. I am not sure whether HT is lacking good writers and stuff to fill their pages or KT (Karan Thapar) has stopped thinking and producing good material to post.

One thing good that HT does is sparing themselves out of it by putting a disclaimer that whatever is posted by Karan Thapar is solely his own opinion and HT has no role in that. This kind of disclaimers help in directing your love (or hatred) towards the article writer, depending on the stuff he produces based on which the readers get influenced or dragged away from the writer. Why I still keep reading his article is because I have seen his early days aggressive interviews he
used to conduct under "Devils Advocate" and other programs; and still dream that if not this Sunday, next Sunday he would definitely produce something useful.

But this keeps going week after week and I still keep my fingers crossed that if maybe next week he will certainly count his every week marks that are below expectations and probably would try to improve his next article with some substantial stuff.

If we take today's article - he is attacking NaMo on some baseless reasons while challenging his knowledge on China, World and India. There are few things to be considered by Karan Thapar before putting such stupid, baseless, senseless and satirical allegations on the knowledge of the most eligible Prime Ministerial Candidate as of today for the forthcoming elections in 2014.