Sunday, December 1, 2013

Don't Vote To A Candidate Who Blocks Roads For His Campaigns

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Don't ever give your vote to your local leader if his 'chamchas' have organized his rally or meeting or a gathering for his election campaign. A 'so called' leader who is standing for a local win and seeking your valuable votes to attain that win is supposed to be brainy enough to understand what gives pain to his locale voters and what he should not do to increase their pains.

Just encountered such an incident while coming back home and found one side of a double lane road is blocked with chairs and tents with people sitting and waiting for their so called leader who will win and take away all their pains of life. The other half of the road was being used to accommodate two way traffic (one lane for each). Wondering if this guy coming to convince people to 'donate' their votes to him so that he wins his seat, is such a shameless creature who is meeting with the same people and begging with an eye to eye contact, while at the same time making their life tougher by making traffic condition worse just for sake of it.

Had he some 'little' brain, he could have conducted his rally in the same place in a nearby park. Also wondering how local administrations allow and sanction such 'on road' rallies or political meetings. Do they have right to make those people's life painful, from whose tax money they get their hefty salaries.

I call it political garbage...

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