Sunday, August 31, 2014

Hello Karan Thapar: Talk Anything But With Facts And Sense

I have always failed to understand if a dog had a sense of understanding the different between the right and the wrong, it would have always been on a priority for him to choose the right master rather than any master who feeds him with regular bunch of milk and meat. Tragedy of life is that a dog is always loyal to the bone that his master keeps on offering him and in lieu keeps buying his loyalty. So the value of loyalty for a dog is the bone and the little bonding with his master that gradually develops irrespective of if the master is a murderer or a saint.

So Mr. Karan Thapar when you opened your article in Hinduustan Times today titled We have Yet to hear even a squeak from PM Modi with a line saying Has BJP taken leave of its senses? I started thinking about your past articles and wondered if any one has ever been able to impress. You always talk about something that is far away from facts. There is always no figures and reality in your articles. Another weakness of Mr. Karan Thapar is a misunderstanding that he always try to talk about PM or equivalent, nothing below that, and that makes him have a feeling of a high class person. Reality is that he has to be sensible in his writings in whatever chances now he gets like HT gives him only once a week chance. So he must talk more sensible, something that starts hitting on hearts and minds of the youth rather than writing negative and crib about something or the other.

The facts are far fearful than the reality that has come into light so far about the love jihad probably about which he is not aware and has cribbed about in his article.

Just enter into the shoes of the girl who has suffered the biggest shock of her life that probably will keep haunting and torturing her for her whole life.

So Mr. Karan Thapar before blaming Mr Modi just face the mirror and try coming out of the limitations of being loyal to someone or some party even he or it has done the worst to our country.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

5 Indian Corporate Highlighted By Forbes As Most Innovative Organizations

In a recent list of the 100 most innovative companies worldwide, released by Forbes include 5 Indian companies which are HUL (Hindustan Unilever Ltd) - Rank 14, TCS (Tata Consultancy Services - Rank 57, L&T  (Larsen & Toubro) - Rank 58, Sun Pharma - Rank 65 and Bajaj Auto - Rank 96. Kudos to India and Indian Companies striving to print their foot marks on global front on varies verticals. Overall the first rank has been grabbed by the US based company Salesforce. This is a fourth consecutive first ranking for Salesforce.

The ranking is based on the perception and feeling of investors in the organizations that they feel are doing something great in generating big, new and innovative growth ideas. As per Forbes the innovation premium is the additional amount paid by the investor for the stock price of a listed company over and above its actual share price. Based on this theory Hindustan Unilever has an innovation premium of 54.7%, TCS 39.58%, Larsen & Toubro 39.4%, Sun Pharma 38.34% and Bajaj Auto has 31.73%.

The top ranked US based company Salesforce has 75.9% of innovation premium.